How to Rent Your Property Successfully

How to Rent your Property Successfully


Own Your Own Property? Have you been thinking of renting it out - BUT you're wondering how to stop it from ending up as a Channel 9 news story with it being trashed (or worse!) I understand. COMPLETELY!

If you have a property that you are thinking about renting or selling, but are not sure which one is right for you (or how to do it) - then THIS is the course for you (seriously - read on about how I made EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE you could make in my early years as a property investor - and please, read the ONE THING below that I suggest LITERALLY everyone should NOT DO as a first time newbie landlord!)

This is a full overview of the basics of everything you need to know to make the decision about whether you should rent or sell, all the things you need to do to get your house prepared for renting, what all of the different rental options are and how to engage with property managers or set yourself up to do it yourself.

I’m Jade Hamilton, and I’ve been investing in property here in Australia for the last nine years. Currently, our family is managing over 180 homes, and over the last 18 years, we’ve successfully looked after over 1,000 tenants/occupants. In short? I love property investing, and I especially LOVE renting and leasing our family properties and my own personal portfolio of properties - in a way that ensures we have total control over our leasing experience and our own success. And now, for the first time, I’ve condensed our 30+ years of property experience, into this 60 minute online course.


It’s my aim to make YOU successful in leasing your property, in the same way we’ve built ours from scratch and can continue to grow because our properties bring in a consistent income year after year - hassle free.

30 Short & Sweet video lessons

You get my accumulated LIFETIME of property investing, management and maintenance knowledge, experience - and SECRETS - in around 30 short and sweet video lessons. I hate jargon. I hate acronyms. I love simplicity. This SERIOUSLY is the course I wish I had available to me YEAAAAAARS ago!

So listen: My course is more about getting you to appreciate AND IMPLEMENT the financial basics about the many benefits of renting (hey, honestly - it's not quite as obvious as 'rental income' - and once you understand some of the tax savings available, your options can considerably be widely opened up!)

I get it. Renting your house out for the first time can feel scary and overwhelming

There is soooooo much to think about, stuff to learn, rules to understand.. In fact, some Property Owners miss out on what could be a SUPER-LUCRATIVE opportunity - simply because they are worried about all the things they don’t know yet! (but people don't know what they don't know)

Some Property Owners get bamboozled by property managers - or they're simply never told the FULL picture of what ALL of their different options are for renting their house and getting the best returns. There is more than one way to lease your home.

Read that again, and understand that I am going to show you the BEST way in this course, to maximum your rental returns WITHOUT the hassles, dramas or fees!

It's also not as hard, scary or as complicated as you might think to become a confident and successful LANDLORD. Fancy that, hey?

From making the right initial rental choice, to preparing your home for lease, to picking the perfect tenant and staying legal and profitable - this course will give the full overview of what you need to know before you get stuck in to renting your house out.

Using just ONE TIP IN THIS COURSE, I guarantee you will SAVE MONEY on the rental of your properties (this is covered in video nine - and it's jaw-droppingly simple!)

Protect yourself from risks and enjoy all the good stuff that property leasing can give you. Make sure you aren’t losing out on the cash you could be earning from your property – money that comes into your pocket consistently every week whether you work or not - creating a passive income!

But at the same time, we all know it is not worth it if it all goes wrong. Don’t fall into the trap of poor property management. Don’t let leasing your home cost you $1,000’s and 100’s of hours of your time each year.

Poor management can happen to both agent-managed or self-managed properties and could mean having to deal with any of the following: the tenant from hell who owes you rent or damages your property, or years of missed maintenance requests which not only pisses off your good tenants, but could escalate into massive building defects that can’t actually be repaired and you may as well knock down your home.

BUT - preventing all of this hairy scary stuff is pretty simple when you know what to do from the outset - and I'll cover those basics in this course.

Self-managing your property can be done and it’s very simple and contrary to what you may have heard, it doesn’t take much extra work with the right systems in place (YES we are going to show you the exact systems we use, and I'll leave nothing out of the basics for you!)

Over 60 minutes in 32 short videos I’m going to detail:

  • Introduction to leasing your home.
  • Options to Consider before leasing your home.
  • Preparing your home for lease.
  • Recruiting the right tenant.
  • Getting the right tenant management and home maintenance.
  • The boring but necessary – Finance, Legals and Risk Management.

So are you ready to get started?

Well let me tell you – in this course there is something for every property lessor; whether you’re a grizzled industry veteran like myself and my family, through to you being a brand new property lessor with your very first property; I’ve condensed down traditional topics and also new ones such as the use of Airbnb for holiday letting or student or professional share-style letting.

At the completion of this course, you will be able to

  • Assess whether your property is suitable to lease or if you shouldn't bother.
  • Describe the 5 options you can choose from before you even consider leasing your property and assess which is right for YOU.
  • Compare property managers to choose one which will do the right thing by you and your property.
  • Define how much time is involved in self-management and establish if this is for you.
  • Outline what quick things you can do to refresh your home for maximum visual appeal and to attract the best tenants.
  • Describe how to attract the right tenants, and professionally qualify them to recruit the most suitable tenant for your home.
  • Outline how to build good rapport and create cooperation so your tenants want to take care of your home and tell you about building issues before they become a problem.
  • Identify what items need to be checked at each inspection and what information you need to be getting from your agent.
  • Explain your exit strategy and what is involved in tenant eviction and going to tribunal and why it’s not actually that scary.
  • List the basics of staying legal and prepared in terms of 'paperwork'.

I am passionate about property - and helping people, so with that in mind I am donating 25% of all income from this course towards my nominated charity of ‘Pencils of Promise’ who build and run schools, train teachers and fund scholarships in some pretty tough places in the world.

Finally - this course even has a 100% money back guarantee if at the end, you’ve completed 100% of the course and you’re not 100% happy – I’ll give you back 100% of the money. Anyway, enough from me. I hope to see you in the course!

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